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Dragon's Wing Resume

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Steven N. Mutch
(9/18/06)  Lighting Director/Designer for tours

E-mail -
You can contact me at 860-888-2943

About Me
I began my career working for local bands in the Hartford/New Britian area
of Connecticut. During that time, I was introduced to the lighting aspect of
the business and found my niche. Starting in 2000, I worked on and off for
some local bands running lights for them at local venues, such as the
Webster Theatre and Toad's Place. Soon after that, I was hired by the
Webster Theatre as a stage hand and paid my dues there, eventually working
my way up to stage manager, and from there, Head LD. Over the last few
years, I have gained more experience as a touring LD working with such bands
as Cradle Of Filth, Arch Enemy, Mortiis, All That Remains, Himsa, and many
others. I have a strong belief that my talents and abilities would be of
high value to any employer in the industry, especially for tour/production

Credits/Employment History
Dragons Wing Entertainment
Design stage lighting plots, program and operate numerous types of lighting
consoles, load in and out at numerous venues across the U.S and Canada,
perform maintenence on fixtures, both conventional and intelligent.

May-July 2006
Tour Manager/Lighting Director
Cycle Of Pain Tour 2006
Performed duties of tour manager, such as making sure rider was met,
settling with venues, paying crew, balancing tour budget, performing normal
LD duties as well.

November 2005
Lighting Director/Designer
Arch Enemy
North American Doomsday Tour 2005
Designed stage light plot, loaded in all lighting equipment, set up stage,
deligated responsibilities to local crews, programmed Flying Pig Systems Hog
500 console, operated console for touring bands on bill (including All That
REmains, A Perfect Murder, and Mnemic), break down equipment after show,
load out. Maintain all lighting equipment for duration of tour.

November-December 2004
Assistant LD
Cradle Of Filth
HeadBangers Ball Tour 2004
Aided head LD Richard Wolfgang with all lighting duties. Performed
maintenence on all fixtures. Set up all lighting and stage sets. Programmed
console for head LD (Zero 88 Fat Frog Console). Ran lighting for support
acts (Arch Enemy, Bleeding Through, Himsa), and broke down and loaded out
all lighting equipment. Performed 'tie-in'for power distro for lighting

Head Lighting Director
Webster Theatre
Hartford, CT
Loaded in artists equipment, set up stage, placed lighting fixtures and ran
cables according to touring LD's directions, re-focused house light rig as
needed per touring LD, stage manager, deligated responsiblities to local
crew, programmed house console for openers, ran board for openers, broke
down all equipment on deck after show, loaded out.

Industry Qualifications/Training
Venue promotion/liason
Booking gigs
Tour management experience
Experience with wide variety of lighting consoles including conventional and
Production management experience

References available upon request
I would like the opportunity to work because I believe I can do two things at once. I believe I can further my knowledge of lighting, while at the same time, be exactly the employee you are looking for at this time. I am able to re-wire most lighting fixtures, and am very adept to learning new techniques of lighting and anything having to do with lighting.